What is wafagu.com?

Welcome to wafagu.com - Namibia’s #1 Free Classified Marketplace!

wafagu.com is a purely Namibian initiative designed in response to a need for a one stop, all-in-one classified and smalls noticeboard and community site.

  • The main objective of wafagu.com is to connect people who want to sell, swop, and buy something, or simply announce events and happenings, for free.
  • The second objective of wafagu.com is to ensure visibility and maximum reach of your advertisements: instead of having to attach papers to the communal noticeboards at supermarkets, shopping centres, schools, universities, on Facebook, etc., we developed a national online noticeboard for everybody, accessible locally as well as internationally
  • wafagu is a community project; the more people are part of wafagu,the more we can assist our community. It is our vision that wafagu.com contributes in assisting small businesses and young entrepreneurs to market their enterprise in Namibia succesfully.

wafagu.com is a free Namibian Community Marketplace for all smalls and classifieds ads, and will remain so. We have however made special provision for established Namibian corporates or small businesses to use the featured or premium advertising spots at a fee.

For further info please mail the wafagu team :